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Ibis Paris Alésia Montparnasse
February to April 2024
49 Rue des Plantes, 75014 Paris
Pascal Graul, born in 1969 in the Paris region and today living in Boissy le Châtel, emerges as a passionate artist, attracted by the impressionist movement which left an indelible mark on his artistic career.

He finds in the visual arts a way to explore and transmit the richness of human emotions and the landscapes that surround him.
From his first steps in the art world, he was captivated by the freedom of expression characteristic of Impressionism. Inspired by masters such as Monet and Renoir, he approached the technique of light touch and vibrant color to capture the transience of light and ephemeral moments.
As a passionate autodidact, he forged his own artistic path, exploring painting with insatiable curiosity and a thirst for experimentation. His independent learning was guided by his deep love for art and his constant drive to perfect his technical skills. This authentic approach has added a personal and free dimension to his work, allowing him to create pieces that reflect his artistic voice. Over the years, his studio has become the place where creative spontaneity and experimentation merge. His passion for painting, combined with his self-taught approach, continues to drive his artistic evolution, with each canvas becoming a new exploration of light, color and emotion.

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